Poros, despite its small expanse, has many beaches, almost all of them along the southern and overgrown coastline of the island.

Most beaches are close to the town of Poros and one can get there by car, bus, bicycle, or by foot, but also by small boats from the port.

After the small bridge, on the left and west, the coastal road passes Perlia and meets successively the Mikro Neorio, the Megalo Neorio, the love's bay and the Russian naval bay, very beautiful beaches where the pine trees reach the sea.

On the right of the small bridge there is the most close beach of the town of Poros. It is a sandy and organised beach with the name Kanali.

After the small bridge, on the right, the coastal road continues towards the east and meets first Askeli and then Monastiri, two picturesque and clean beaches with amazing view.

After Askeli and before the Hotel Sirene Blue Resort, the coastal road goes to the Temple of Poseidon. After the Temple the road descends and lead us to a close picturesque cove where the Vagionia beach is.

Also there are beaches opposite Poros island, in Galata. You will find there the sandy beaches of Plaka and Aliki, which are worth your visit.

In all the beaches there are beach bars and additionally for Neorio and Askeli there are training facilities for water sports.